Electric Toothbrush, Power Rechargeable E1 Professional 3 Cleaning Modes White Clean Sensitive Sonic Electric Toothbrush for Adult (black+green)

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Organized vibration
The organized vibration leaves the stress uniformly when brushing.
It can promote the microcirculation of the gums and reduce the harm of gums.

Consummate production
All is done after repeated selecting and testing, including material choosing, each part producing and the final assembling. You only need to enjoy your teeth brushing with no worries.

Sharing base
With the changeable head design, we can share one base with many heads.
For replacement, you do not need to buy the whole brush but only the head.

Color:Black+ green
Frequency: 50HZ
Power: 2.5W
Vibration mode:Left and right
Clean mode:Water wash
Warranty:1 year
Standard configuration:Head,Handle,charger
Dimensions 24.2*2.8*2.8cm
【Sonic cleaning】Vibration electric toothbrush clean the mouth with high frequency vibration. Compared with Rotary electric toothbrush, it sharply decreases the damage to gums, only 1/4 of rotary one. It is very suitable for the customer who is with sensitive teeth. *Deep clean & Effective scouring: High speed vibration is good for the gums, and with strong cleans to the teeth.Can effectively remove the plaque and bring fresh breath.
【Perfect Considerate design】Lightweight, Comfortable grip, Ergonomic handle, Flat and Non-slip design. Also Three modes available(powerful,cozy,sensitive), customers can choose per their own preference. This upgrade leaves electric toothbrush a considerate option but not a mechanical operation anymore.
【Built in timer】After 2 minutes brushing it will STOP AUTMATICALLY TO PROTECT our teeth & gums get damaged with long-time brush. It also a good way to help customers cultivate a good brushing habit. *Safe plastic shell: The shell is made with safe plastic material, hard to be corroded, easy to be cleaned. Safe and Durable.
【Wireless charging】Inductive charging method only 0.2 seconds needed to get contacted. Automatically stop once full, fast and convenient. No metal node. *Long battery life: Twice a day of use, the battery can last for 2 weeks long.IPX7 waterproof. *Great waterproof IPX7: It prevents the teeth from the second contamination caused by rust.
【Smart Head design】The brush head made of DuPont bristles, Highly qualified bristles,the best one for teeth brushing. Also It can bring deeply clean gently. Changeable head is part of the perfect design. Head changing is very simple. Maximum force the head can afford is 1 KG.